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Alumni Group Weekly Meeting

Every Thursday at 5pm EST (currently on Zoom)


Come join us to help handle the business of the TRC Alumni group!
A lot of great things in the works:

  • Our TRC Alumni softball team, The Berts, plays every Tuesday evening at Blackburn Park in Brookhaven

  • Alumni Retreat at Hard Labor Creek State Park in June

  • Beach Trip in Destin on Labor Day weekend

  • Golf Tournament in October

Peer Support Meetings

Just in case you're missing TRC, you can always get some peer support on Thursday Nights 6:15 PM - 7:30 PM (EST).

You can also check out the private Friends of TRC, facebook group.

Nurses Small Group
Peer Support

Led by Chris L

Peer Support 02

Led by Adam, Ira, Keith

Peer Support 01

Led by Ben W


Led by Dr Bedi

Pilots Support Group

Now combined with Ben's group in the Pilots "Plus" Peer Support Group

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