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When: February 2-4, 2024

Start: Friday February 2nd at 8am

End: Sunday February 4th at 10am

Where: Talbott Recovery Campus

Registration: Link coming soon!

Schedule: Coming soon! Click here for the last return visit's schedule

Return to the Talbott Recovery Campus and reconnect with other alumni and staff that have been part of the beginning of your recovery. Share your experience, strength and hope with the current patients and show them what life in recovery after treatment looks like.

The October return visit starts at 8am on Friday February 2nd and ends at 10am on Sunday February 4th. We are so looking forward to seeing you!

The next return visit after this one will be a few months later.

Click here for more general information about return visits on the TRC website.

Here's a list of convenient hotels if you're coming from out of town:







The last two you can get to and from by a monorail from the airport!

Alumni Return Visits

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